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Gatineau - 6th World Hot Air Airship Championship
Gatineau hot air balloon festival (Canada)
G.E.O. Ballooning (Lubeck - Germany)
German National Championships - 1997 (Germany)
German National Championships 1999 (Gladenbach - Germany)
Get carried away - Arizona
Get High On Ballooning (USA)
Global Conqueror balloon - Gerrit Coetzee, Terry Adams and Kevin Roberson
GLOBO, First Caribbean Ballooning (Dominican Republic)
Globos Aerostaticos - Mario O. Alvarez (Argentina)
Globos Baloning Montgolfiere (Mallorca)
Gone With The Winds Balloon Company,Madison Al
Goodyear Blimp Australia (Australia)
Gordon Bennett race
Gordon Bennett race
Gordon Bennett race
Gosh Films - News and film footage on the Around the World Challenge
Go Wild Ballooning (Australia)
Grande Prairie Hot Air Balloon Events Association
Great Eastern Balloon Association
Great Escape Ballooning Ltd.
Greater Mesilla Valley Aerostat Ascension Association (Las Cruces - New Mexico - USA)
Greenwood Balloon Fest 99 (June 17-20 Greenwood, MS, USA